Restricted items in hand baggage

Want to know what you can pack in your hand baggage? To help you prepare, we explain which items are restricted or banned. Check if there are any limitations for your items.


You can bring your shampoo and other liquids in small containers up to 100 ml per item. Please pack all liquids together in 1 transparent and closed plastic bag with a total volume of up to 1 litre. If you want to bring more than that, you can pack the rest in your checked baggage.

You’re always allowed to bring:

  • baby food to be consumed during the flight;
  • medicines to be taken during the flight, together with a prescription or doctor's statement;
  • specific diet foods to be consumed during the flight;
  • sealed tax-free items.

Electronics and lithium batteries

You’re allowed to bring 15 electronic devices with a lithium battery up to 100 Wh, and 20 spare lithium batteries or power banks up to 100 Wh. If you want to bring a lithium battery up to 160 Wh with you in your hand baggage, either in a device or as a spare, you need to request permission. Batteries larger than 160 Wh are never allowed. Devices and batteries should not be damaged, defective, or recalled.

Please pack each spare battery separately in their original packaging. Don't have it anymore? Cover the contact points with non-conductive tape and pack each battery in a separate plastic bag. Be aware that you are not allowed to recharge spare batteries on board.

Note that there are a number of devices that you can bring but cannot use on board: remote control toys, televisions, transmitters, VHF scanners or receivers, and devices with an enabled cellular network service. These devices might interfere with the systems in our aircraft.

Electronic cigarettes

On most routes, you’re allowed to bring an electronic cigarette and extra batteries if you keep them on you personally during your flight. Unfortunately, you cannot keep your e-cigarette in your hand baggage. Note that rules may differ per country. We advise you to check the legal restrictions of the countries you’re visiting.

Using an electronic cigarette or recharging it or its batteries is never allowed on board.

Smart baggage

You can bring a smart bag equipped with a lithium battery other than a button cell if you remove this battery. Can’t remove it? Then it’s not allowed to bring the bag with you, neither on board nor in the hold.

Powders to or from the US

Are you travelling to or from the United States? You can bring powders and powder-like substances in your hand baggage, but only up to 350 ml per item. If you want to bring more than that, you can pack the rest in your checked baggage. If the powder is unsealed and there are any signs of tampering, you cannot bring it at all.

We advise you to pack all powders in your checked luggage if you do not need it during the flight, to speed up the time you have to spend at the security check.

Urns are excluded from these restrictions.

Read more about bringing an urn

Prohibited items

You are not allowed to bring the following items in your hand baggage:

Frequently asked questions

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Although we’ve included most restricted or banned items, different local rules may apply. Please check the local airport and airline restrictions as well.

Is your item not mentioned on this page or do you have any questions about your hand baggage? Please contact your travel agency or the KLM Customer Contact Centre.